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Representative Tsuyoshi Nachos Miyahara

We are a Japanese NPO that is active mainly in India.
In March 2018, the NPO Japan India Club was approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
The representative is Tsuyoshi Nachos Miyahara, a rock drummer who loves India and is active in music based in Puri, Orissa, India.

As a result, we have called Japanese musicians in Puri, Orissa, India once a year since 2014, and we have held a rock festival with a mix of Japanese and Indian musicians and artists in Puri.

At first, it attracted 15 people, but now it is an event that has greatly evolved to 27,000 people, and this event is aimed at cultural exchange between India and Japan.

And since 2014, we have contributed to the schools that have been teaching local Japanese language by selling this festival, such as fans, musical instruments, washing machines, and underlays for Japanese language education.

Contributing school students are fluent in learning Hindi, English, Oria and Japanese.

Our wish

We have made Indian students and Indians feel closer to Japan through the activities of the Rock Festival we are doing now, and in the near future, the talented students will leave the school, fly to the world, I believe that we will improve our relationship in India and will do our best for the world.

In 2018, the name was changed from [Pre-Rock Festival] to [Odisha Japan Festival], and it was held in cooperation with the local community.
5 bands from Japan, including the rock band [Mow Mow LuLu Gyaban ], have passed the sign and the local stage has been enlivened with great success, and local people are eager to hold it next year.


India has a large population, but there are still a lot of poor people and many children who cannot go to school.
Therefore, we held an event to convey Japanese culture and Japanese music to people who came to Japan and could not know music and culture. We are also contributing to where we are.
I would like to do my best so that as many people as possible can learn as much as possible, and to make Japan feel more familiar, and to strengthen the relationship between Japan and India.

"It's fun for artists, locals, adults and kids!"

Everyone smiles across words and borders.

I want to improve the environment little by little with donations born like that.

I hope this gentle and happy cycle will continue all the time.

Representative Tsuyoshi Nachos Miyahara



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