Application conditions

Next year, a music festival that fuses Indian and Japanese culture,
《ODISHA JAPAN FESTIVAL 2020》Will be held.
We will start a general public recruitment for the next year 2020, which is the seventh year of the event.

Please see below for details.

Held contents



<Event Date>
February 8th (Sat) – 9th (Sun) 2020 2day

Puri Penthakata area, Odisha, India

Music live
Bon dance
Festival some stall
A booth for the future
Many other entertainment(※Opening booth is subject to change at any time)

Act(※Updated after audition from time to time)
Yajima X
Saitama Shinobue X 
Warrior of Light Nachos
Jagannath Duo(India)



Application conditions

Those who can keep the following promises

  1. All expenses associated with this festival are at your own expense. All travel expenses, local accommodation expenses, food expenses, and miscellaneous expenses will be paid at your own expense.
  2. Those who can protect their manners and promise to never make behaviors or actions that both Japan and India feel unpleasant.
  3. Those who respect India and Japan strive to understand different cultures.
  4. A person who takes pride as a person and can act responsibly.
  5. Do not smoke outside the smoking area, throw away litter, or spit saliva or sputum.
  6. Participation of people who are allowed to use drugs is not allowed
  7. Local use of drugs is strictly prohibited. In addition, the pledge for that will be stamped, and if use is find locally, the appearance will be cancelled.
  8. Those who can understand that it may not be able to do rainy weather due to the weather.
  9. Those who can accept that responsibility for unforeseen problems such as power supply, weather, etc. is exempt.
  10. A person who agrees that the right to participate in the festival will be lost on the spot for any reason if the organizer considers it to violate the eligibility.
  11. The appearance time and appearance order are left to the organizer.
  12. I agree to use photos and videos for ODISHA JAPAN FESTIVAL and JAPAN INDIA CLUB websites and SNS.
  13. As for equipment costs and repair costs,3.300RsWill be charged.


From us to everyone

To everyone who is considering applying

I am very pleased that all of you who have seen the application conditions here have a good connection.


Our festival is to share emotions across borders, cultures, religions, languages, genders, etc.

After giving priority to understanding and respect for the venue

“A festival that creates irreplaceable time together with what I am good at”

It has become.


From those who appeared

“I never dreamed of appearing at a music festival in India in my life,

That precious experienceBecome self-confidence and property

I really felt that I was really happy with the music. "

It was a festival that you could say.


It ’s because we ’re the musicians we ’re hosting,

It is also our own experience.


Continue to seriously "love" not for someone

What I did for myself

Someday, someone smiled and made me happy.

I was very happy about that.


From there, is our catchphrase

“There are people who are happy with what they like and what they are good at.
I wonder if there is any other happiness like that. "

Was born.



As the scale expands from 2018,

Performers are auditioned from all over the country.


Live video review, passion for this festival and music, and reasons for applying

Everything will be judged on the Japanese side and the Indian side.


After selection

After selection, ODIAHA JAPAN FESTIVAL 2020

The local people look forward to it very much.

This is because the manners and manners that past performers / participants have made were wonderful.

Live performances, songs, personalities, all stacked in India

Every year, They can enjoy the next time.


This year, as in the previous year, we will work together with local Indians to join forces, build firewood, display lanterns, and raise the stage of the big fishes.

In addition to eating booths, there will also be a booth with a view to the future where local children can dream.


Important requests and promises

Through this festival

Through this festival, we have been able to connect with warm Indian people and deepen mutual understanding and build trust in living, culture and customs.

Building a relationship of trust takes time, but trust is lost in an instant.


We will continue to pride ourselves as Japanese people, protect our friendship and bonds with Indian people,

We want to deepen our friendship.


From the above

Only those who can understand and accept the above items

We will accept the public participation of the performers and participation in the festival.


This festival carefully manages and uses instruments and equipment contributed by past performers and everyone involved.

We will continue to treat carefully this year

would like to humbly thank you.



This festival is an important festival that continues with the feelings of everyone involved.

Please bring the power of each person,

We are looking forward to your application.

The deadline for public participation is until 23:59 on Friday, November 8th, 2019.

Questions regarding the above mentioned mattersContact UsWe accept at.

Please allow 2-3 days for your reply.


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