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This festival, which started in 2014, is now in its 10th year.

ODISHA JAPAN FESTIVAL will be held for the first time in three years after being unable to hold it for two years due to the covid crisis.


Every year at this festival, we present to the local school a desk that allows them to study even if they don't have a desk at home.

This festival where Indians and Japanese mix together to create a feast

Performers from Japan will also pass the seal and sing on the stage.

Indian musicians and Japanese musicians stand on the same stage

Welcome to a one-day festival

I hope someone will laugh at what I can do


Artist From Japan



instagram   tinymermaid

In charge of vocals and guitar for the Japanese band "Bousou R".
In her solo activities, he has delivered music in various cities such as Morocco, France, and the United States with just one guitar.
Her fleeting voice and gentle melodies create a musical world full of love.




instagram      jadedintomo

The frontman of the rock band Jaded In Tokyo, whose music and performances are both intense and beautiful.
Her unique voice and expression attract many fans.
Perhaps due to the influence of growing up in the United States during his childhood,
he weaves sounds and songs that feel Japanese and American grunge music and atmosphere.



早田 仁知 (そうだ にち)

Nichi Souda
 YouTube    @Nitchyyy

A 4th year university student studying in India for half a year (probably).
He keeps making songs with stories.
When he was in high school, he won the national championship of the light music club.



光の戦士ナチョス Light Warrior Nachos

Light Warrior Nachos
instagram      nachosofficial3

Active in India and Japan. Mainly active in heavy machinery -ZYU-KY- and Zews in Japan.
Warrior of Light Nachos is a solo activity name.
A bolt and a nut, that's what keeps you and me together Neji Neji.






Jagannath Duo

Jagannath Duo

Guru Lingaraj Das
instagram    lingarajd

tabla player, teacher
Born September 5, 1971 in Puri, Orissa, India.
In 1995, he graduated from Akhi Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya University, majoring in the Sangata bisarada tabla course to learn the Indian folk instrument tabla.
Later he studied with Umesh Chandrakar and Abhiji Banarjee in Delhi & Forkabad, India.
He has been working as a tabla teacher for 21 years, and has appeared in numerous events.
Among his large number of students are not only Indians but also many Japanese.


Satyaban Sethi
instagram    satyaban6822

sitar player
Born July 5, 1991 in Puri, Orissa, India.
He is a young hope who is eager to tour Japan again this time.

Despite being a young sitar player, he has received many awards, including the Minister's Award and the Governor's Award.


Chandra Sekhar Academy students
A local student will show off the stage for more than an hour.
Enjoy what they will do on the day!



azaad band logo
YouTube @Azaad_Studio

-Members -
-Niranjan Satapathy (singer )
-Ashutosh Nayak (singer)
-Abhijit Mohanty (Lead Guitarist)
-Soumyaranjan Mohapatra ( Acoustic Guitar)
-Jagadish Dora (Drums)
-Akash Moharana (keyboard)

Azaad which means Freedom, that's exactly what you feel when you listen to the group Azaad.
The group let's you traverse the mystic path to Kailash with the song 'Hara Hara Sambho'.
And when you feel low and incapable, the song 'Maye Teri Chunariya Lehraye' reminds you of the mightiest power of the world,
The Unconditional Love of a Mother.
And to boost your morale Azaad has a booster called 'Ashaayein' for you.



Sriharsha Sukla

Sriharsha Sukla
instagaram      sriharshasukla

Deaf Artist
Art exhibition

I am SRIHARSHA SUKLA. I am born in Jobra at Malha sahi on 1st july,1076.
My father’s Name is Sri Banamali Sukla and My Mother’s Name is Late Kalyani Mohapatra.
I am handicapped i.e Deaf and Dumb since My birth.

In an Odia family a boy child is born then the family praises it with a great joy.
As I took birth everyone was equdlly happy but after it was known to all that I cannot speak & hear.
My parents were very much worried for my disability and, treated me with the best treatmeat but all in vain.
I am still keep trying to their expectation. I wanted to do something of my own & not act like an incapable man.
I completed my matriculation in the year 1991 and completed my gradulation in the year 1998 from B.K. Art & craft college, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
After that I was worked 2D Animation PentaMedia Graphic Ltd in Chennai for 6 consecutive years.
I was also painted Patta Chitra on the Walls of Lord Srijagannath Temple, situated in Chennai without taking any charges.
I was also working patta chitra on the walls of Sri Jagannath Temple in Bangalore.
Doing that I felt god gave blessing to me with his magic and my hands are working more efficiently.
I believed I can move further by gods blessing. I usually send my artworks to foreign countries for different art exhibition.
I have gone to a art exhibition held in USA thrice & Paris. And also I had been awarded for that. To receive that honour I again went to America.
I had also been to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai for art exhibitions for taking Awards.
I never kept myself inferior from any one.
I have my own Language and I want to convey that. Presently I’m Art Teacher working as part time instructor (Fine Art) in RLY,
Settlement Ups School of cmc Cuttack on tempory basic.





Creative director born in Tokyo, Japan (1992/11/05). (Also called: Another World Art Director)

After graduating from a graphic design department at a Japanese vocational school, he moved to France and transferred to the product design department in Paris, where she worked as the head of the department.
After that, she worked in graphic design and product development in Paris for about two years, and then moved to New York, Berlin, and Italy to start working in fashion.
She deals with various designs such as graphics and interiors.
In the process, she came to know the value of "Japan" as seen from the world, and with the desire to increase the smiles of many people with the power of her designs, she decided to base her activities in Japan.
Currently involved in everything from art direction to design for stores, brands, commercial facilities and theme parks nationwide.

In January 2020, she launched the General Incorporated Association [Japan Architectural Art Association] and currently serves as its chairman.
As a lecturer at a design school, she is also active in conveying the joy of design to students.



25th Feb 2023


5.00 pm Start





Puri-Konark Marine Dr, Balighai, Bhuan, Odisha 752002

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